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Our team has been involved in the Indonesian flight simulation space since 2015, from the very beginnings of Indonesia's presence on the VATSIM Network. Now that the Indonesian vACC is well established, with a stable staff team and ever-growing ATC roster, our team took the initiative to address the needs and wants specifically of flight sim pilots, and so created this group. While there have been some successful Indonesian VAs, none of them have had a focus on VATSIM. We believe that with our expertise we can, and will, fill the niche of a VATSIM-based, Indonesian VA, and nurture our group to truly thrive, so that Indonesia's virtual skies will flourish with activity for years to come.

Team Members

Horizon WinangkosoPresident

An engineering major whose penchant for technical detail lead him to the realm of flight simulation.

Matt McEVice President

A flight simulation veteran, over 9k hours on VATSIM, passionate about contributing to the community.

Patrick OwenChief Pilot — GIA Operations

An avid Indo-Aussie flight simmer who regrets not taking flight school before becoming an engineer.

C.J. RatnamChief Pilot — CTV Operations

A long-standing S.E. Asian Vatsimmer, currently working in the aviation industry in Singapore.

VacantDeputy Chief Pilot — GIA Operations

We are currently evaluating candidates for this position. Stay tuned!

Justin WilliamDeputy Chief Pilot — CTV Operations

A budding Indonesian developer with a passion for flight simulation.

Aqila SobanaMembership Manager

A proud Jogja dweller, an avid flight simmer with much love for the virtual Indonesian skies.

Jess HutchersonAssistant Membership Manager

A dedicated plane spotter-come-Vatsimmer. If he tells you "turn off ADIRS", don't listen to him.

Flight simulation just got a lot more real Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network

The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network — or VATSIM for short — is a global community with over 120k active members who participate by connecting their own flight simulator to the Network, and may also provide virtual air traffic control (ATC) services passing training, which is globally regulated, but locally designed. You will never want to fly offline again after experiencing VATSIM ATC!

foto bandara indonesia

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